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Neodymium Magnet N42 1” Cube NdFeB Rare Earth Magnets 1-Count

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neodymium cube magnet 1"x1"

neodymium cube magnet 1″x1″

CMS Magnetics®  Neodymium Magnet N42  1” Cube NdFeB Rare Earth Magnet 1-Count. 

Neodymium Cube Magnets for sale

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CMS Magnetics Single  Pack  Neodymium Cube Magnet  N42 Most Powerful magnetic force on the planet.   Rare earth magnets for crafts & Hobbies, Science Fairs, Home & shop, schools,  experiments, physics, offices, kitchens, industrial & scientific.

  • Powerful Permanent Magnets: Strong Holding Power, Grade N45 – 31 lb Per Magnet with Direct Touch and Direct Pull, 13,500 Internal Gauss; Great Strength for its Size
  • Numerous Applications: Useful Magnets for Holding, Mounting, Home Improvement, DIY Projects, and Many More. Great as a Cabinet or Shower Door Catcher

    Neodymium Coating

    Neodymium Coating

  • Best Coating Available: Ni+Cu+Ni Triple Layer Coated; the Best Coating Available     
  • Top Quality: This is the BEST Quality Magnet Made under ISO 9001 Quality System. All Tolerances are +/-0.002”

These versatile Cube neodymium magnets  are compact and practical for integrating into your projects or ideas. These magnets hold very well against steel surfaces with direct touch and direct pull. The magnetic strength will last forever under normal use.

Applications include: Magnetic holding, mounting, home improvement, DIY projects such as a tool holder, and many more.

Please note: All magnets are fragile and may chip or shatter, but if used properly under normal circumstances, they can serve you for a lifetime. As with all magnets, please keep away from pacemakers and sensitive electronics. Keep away from children under 5 years old.

Price: $9.96 FREE Shipping
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